Today’s Contemplation: Collapse Cometh XCVII

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3 min readFeb 4, 2023
Monte Alban, Mexico. (1988) Photo by author.

Saying ‘Infinite Growth. Finite Planet.’ Is Not Allowed!

“Infinite growth. Finite planet. What could possibly go wrong?”

“Infinite growth. Finite planet…”

“Perhaps perpetual expansion on a finite planet is not such a great strategy…”

These simple statements have been automatically declined on one of my town’s most popular FB pages in response to a post that deals with an ongoing and seemingly increasing problem with our electric grid failing, repeatedly, and a request by the poster to have council decline further town development until the issue is resolved — our town has been one of the fastest expanding in Ontario for the past 10+ years, having more than tripled in population size since our move here 27 years ago (less than 15,000 to close to 50,000).

Why were these statements declined automatically? Since I did get the sentence “Perhaps perpetual expansion is not such a great strategy…” approved (for now), it would seem the words ‘finite planet’ are the trigger that the administrator of the site has set in the FB algorithm to flag and subsequently have declined.

I have previously received a 30-day ban from the site for what I can only surmise were similar statements pertaining to our predicament of perpetual growth upon a finite planet — which is what I am always attempting to raise awareness about given our various governments’ penchant for continual expansion that results with more and more prime agricultural land and sensitive ecological systems being paved over.

One can apparently make much more derogatory and biting comments about the situation and our various politicians’ role in the situation, but heaven forbid you raise the idea of living on a finite planet with resource limits that impact everything cherished by the ‘growth-forever’ crowd.

Awaiting my next 30-day or complete ban. The narrative management show must go on in a world of denial and bargaining about our self-evident unsustainable living arrangements…

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